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From the Inner Structure of Fraud Ring, Teach You to Identify Financial Fraud

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"I can calculate the motion and distance of the heavenly bodies, but NOT the madness of the human mind."
Wisdom such as physicist Isaac Newton, in the "South Sea bubble event", was also cheated out of 20,000 pounds, equivalent to his salary of 10 years at that time, just issued this feeling.
Since ancient times, people have been pursuing profit; So, there are always people who are willing to break the law for the sake of profit. At the same time, people are greedy; So even though ponzi schemes have been revealed numerous times throughout history, there are still millions of people falling into investment traps every day.
Unlike the great bubbles of financial history, Internet financial scams do not require the identity or the status of the organiser to allow them to reach an unexpected scale.
This paper aims to expose some organizations and division of labor of fraud gangs, so that more investors can find fraud as soon as possible, timely stop loss.

The construction of a fraud ring

No matter how big or small the fraud gang is, when a gang is broken up, the seized tools often include: a number of notebooks, mobile phones, mobile phone cards. Using these tools to connect to the Internet, they can pretend to be glamorous and successful, no matter how poor they are in reality.
And these tools, for most people, are easily available.
The organizer of the fraud ring may have seen the advertisement of the fake trading platform in the online post bar, or he has worked in other fraud rings before. In any case, he knows the method of using the fake trading platform to make "illegal" quick profit, and wants to start his own business.
After this, he can look for partner, recruit personnel to defraud jointly, and buy afore-mentioned crime tools. This is how small fraud rings are set up.

The internal division of labor of the fraud ring

The size of a fraud ring has nothing to do with its ability to defraud, and it is not uncommon for a group of just a few people to make millions. It is internal division of labor and verbal skill that determine their ability to defraud.
Some fraud gangs adopt the division of labor cooperation system in order to show that they are a "regular" trading platform. Like normal companies, the internal members are divided into sales, customer service, analysts/investment experts and other positions. Each investor who comes to consult will be received by different personnel at different stages. These groups are "professional", working together to get investors to put more money into the platform.
The other model is mainly referred to as the "pig killing dish" (also known as the "love scam"). This type of fraud gangs adopt a single operation mode, which is characterized by long fraud cycle and large amount of fraud. This is because they first establish a romantic relationship with the victim through the Internet, and then invite the victim to invest only after the victim has gained trust. Relying on trust and emotional basis, causing the victim to lose a lot.
"Verbal skill" is the key to their success in fraud. Although everything the fraudster said is false, but all the goal is to attract investors to invest, so the words must be able to make people trust and extremely tempting. They may simply claim to make "20-30% profit per month", inciting greed; May also pretend to be investors, pretend to call themselves "two days 3000 yuan become 4000", causing envy; Also may be "lover" identity, profess to take you to make money in order to build a love nest together as soon as possible... In short, their words at every stage are carefully designed traps.
So be on your guard when you're talking to someone online and they're showing off their profits.

Rational investment is the best weapon against fraud

The simple scam rely on only two big weapons, which are communication tools and division of labor, while the bigger scam will make the promotion of commission mechanism, so that the victims spontaneously develop more people to join the scam; Or develop agents, establish more small sub-fraud groups; Or they can be packaged as bigger companies and run scams around the world.
How to avoid financial investment fraud? The best way is to look for regular channels to invest. Stay away from social networking investment platforms. Especially when you see a net friend's profit promotion or profit screenshots and investment intention.
Swindlers are in the dark while investors in the open, so do not be blinded by sweet words and greed , no matter how clever the trap is.


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  • A cunning and hateful swindler

  • Novice investors need to read it carefully

  • Different people make the same mistake all the time. Greed is human nature

  • Please be vigilant when you talk to a netizen who is very speculative in everything, and he shows off his investment profit.

  • This sentence tells the essence of this type of scam: simple scams have only two weapons: communication tools and division of labor and speech skills. Larger scams will join the promotion of commission sharing mechanism, allowing the victims who have already entered to develop more spontaneously. Of people join the scam.

  • The core of this kind of scam is speech, and their key logic is embodied in speech.


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