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How Do Scammers Deceive Large Investment Funds?

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Regarding the complexity of the human mind, there are two idioms in China, one is called "the human mind is unpredictable" and the other is called "exhausting effort". These two idioms accurately describe online investment fraudsters.
How did the liar catch the victim's heart? Today, the editor of "forex Soul" uses the scammer's grasp of the victim's investment psychology as a clue to answer this question. For the convenience of explanation, we assume that the target of the fraudster is "A".

A sophisticated swindler

Psychology determines behavior, and behavior is the embodiment of psychology. Investor psychology is not difficult to know, it is nothing more than trying to get the highest return with the lowest risk. As a result, the scammers took "risk" and "revenue" as their core, and used common language skills as their lines, and directed and performed one after another scam.
Disguising your identity is the first step. Glamorous professional elites and successful entrepreneurs are the objects most people envy and want to get acquainted with. Scammers spot this, label themselves as financial professionals, business owners, etc., and then share them through social network channels. Some of the life photos or work photos of the corresponding status of the "tall" achieve the purpose of being fake. In this way, the pass rate of adding target A as a friend is greatly improved.
There are also some scammers pursuing speed. They are simple and rude, and frequently publish advertisements such as "zero risk, monthly income as high as 30%" on social channels, and attach a few profitable screenshots to make those who see them envy. It was heartbeat and attracted people to the bait.
Generally speaking, when a stranger comes to talk about investment, we will be skeptical; but if it is a recommendation from a somewhat familiar person, then we will at least be dubious. Scammers also know this well, so they are not eager to recommend a trading platform to the newly added A, but through chatting about themselves, work, life, and ideals to first establish a friendship with A.
In the process, the scammer disguised himself as a considerate and inquisitive "confidant", making A feel that this "friend" is good and gradually trust the scammer.
Traders who pursue speed are definitely not willing to spend time to cultivate trust. Their method is generally to pull the target to a trading community, and most of the people in the group are "trust", acting as various roles like trading analysts and profitable investors to create an atmosphere of "Look, so many people have made money after trading with us, and you will lose a lot if you don't join". The real trader in the investment trading group may only be the target of fraud, and it is not easy to single-handedly refuse the temptation.
When the trust has been established, the scammer will get to the point. He will tell the fraud target that he recently had a project/transaction with very good income, and indicate that he can bring A to do it with him; or his company has an investment product, but he needs to avoid suspicion as an employee, so he pays A to help based on reasons such as system loophole investment to make money, A is moved by seeing his high profits. One temptation does not lead to multiple temptations. As a friend, he can either get trust from A or make A difficult to refuse.
Getting A to trade on the platform is just the beginning of the scam. The scammer knows that, just entering a new industry and an unfamiliar trading platform, even if there is a previous "profit" screenshot instigated, A must have a try at the beginning: will not invest too much money, will Try this withdrawal try...
The scammers will work with their gang to solve A’s doubts one by one: A is worried about profitability, then the scam gang will change the transaction background data to make A profitable in the early stage; A will examine the speed of withdrawal, and the scam group will also follow its previous promises. Put the withdrawal funds in place.
After such an operation, even if the fake trading platform passes A's test, A no longer doubts the authenticity and profitability of the platform. Instigated by scammers such as "increase investment in order to have greater returns," they will naturally increase investment step by step.
When the purpose of investing a large enough amount has been achieved and the scam is coming to an end, they may modify the background data to slowly lose the trading funds, or directly close the fake trading platform, so that A has no way to withdraw money, and then take all the investment funds for himself. 
There are also some scammers who will try their best even in the gold withdrawal process. In order to squeeze the investors’ last bit of funds or a trace of trust, they will think of various ways to re-deposit funds during the withdrawal process. For example, if the credit points are insufficient, they need to be recharged to purchase credit points to withdraw funds; or the withdrawal account is entered incorrectly, and the account is already If it is frozen, you need to pay the unfreeze gold before you can withdraw it; or the amount of cash withdrawal is limited, and you need to recharge ×× to withdraw money...

Concluding remarks

A’s experience is a combination of the experience of most transaction and investment fraud cases. In the transaction scam, the victim has always been in a passive position, and the deceived deception is pushed into the investment trap step by step; while the scammers are completely the opposite. They are from the beginning. Take the initiative to attack, master the rhythm of fraud from beginning to end, even if it is an act or a sentence, it has been designed and has a purpose.
If you are a novice in investment trading or do not have rich trading experience, but you want to try trading investment, then you must choose a platform through formal channels, and don't listen to individuals who believe in social channels to generate trust and follow the investment. This is a very dangerous investment. behavior.


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  • 互聯網是把雙刃劍,讓人溝通更加便利,也帶來一些新的犯罪形式。

  • 国内被骗的交易者很多,其实他们的确实诈骗方法大同小异,但因为骗子在暗处处心积虑,投资者在明处还不懂交易,对新手来说简直防不胜防。

  • 詐騙者為了金錢費盡心機,受害者被騙後深感人心難測。詐騙受害者的淒慘大都由輕信或者貪婪引起。投資是件大事,第一步就是仔細考察平台合規性

  • This is the most terrible. The scammer pretends to be a considerate and inquisitive "confidant", making A feel that this "friend" is very good, and gradually develops trust in the scammer.

  • The world of trading is so complex and full of dangers. Not only have to face the inner enemy, but also the outer enemy.

  • There is no denying that there are too many scammers in the market now.


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